The Six Day Race ESPN 30 for 30 and Hennessy present the story of Marshall "Major" Taylor, who broke down barriers to become the first African-American world champion of any sport. Client: Hennessy Network: ESPN Director: Colin Barnicle Producer: Nick Barnicle & Jeff Siegel Editor: Josh Cramer


Amigos Del Tren Marcelo dedicates his life to helping migrants from Central America who are traveling North riding on freight trains. One day he meets Miguel, a 10-year old boy who is traveling alone in search of his mother. The train is too fast and dangerous for Miguel to jump on, so [...]


SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY Walter Munk unlocked the secret to predicting waves, conquered the dark side of the moon, broke the code that revealed ocean warming and set off the sound that was literally “heard round the world.” Yet, he still hasn’t seen a Mobula munkiana, the endangered Ray that marine biologist Giuseppe [...]


Home Free Jack is now in his fifties and has been living outside for most of his life. He chose the streets many years ago and decided to step out of society by living on his own and travelling around the US with his backpack. Four years ago, he came back to [...]


The Player's Tribune First Step The Player's Tribune - First Step is an eight-part video series featuring athletes engaging communities most affected by today's social issues, from education and unemployment, to child hunger and homelessness among LGBTQ youth. In each episode, an athlete takes the first step to improve lives and impact their communities. Episodes: Justise Winslow Curtis [...]


THE FREEDOM TO MARRY Over the last four decades, same-sex marriage has gone from a ‘preposterous notion’ to one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in the world. The Freedom To Marry is a “War Room” style feature documentary about the same-sex marriage movement, from the final frenetic months of the legal and grassroots campaign. Production: Eyepop Productions [...]


HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH An international non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on human rights. For more information please visit:  www.hrw.org Short Films: Lebanon - No School for Syrian Refugee Children Child Marriage in Bangladesh Child Marriage in Nepal


BAJA'S SECRET MIRACLE Mario Castro, a fisherman that decided to change the destiny of his community, narrates this wonderful story that takes us on a journey of decades, to understand how the town of Cabo Pulmo created the world's most robust marine reserve. The award wining shot, directed by Eliana Álvarez Martínez, donates $20,000 to Climate Reality Project, the [...]


MADINA'S DREAM An unflinching and poetic glimpse into a forgotten war, Madina’s Dream tells the story of rebels and refugees fighting to survive in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Production: Storyteller Productions Director: Andrew Berends Watch on Amazon


HUGO & VIOLET A short film portrait and a glimpse into the world of British artist Hugo Guinness and his relationship with his daughter and her pet bunnies. Creative Agency: Nørth Sea Air Creative Dir: Amy Lipkin, G. Maclean Director: C. Sturman, Josh Cramer Editors: Josh Cramer, Susi Dollnig   [...]

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