Vona - 1000 Worte 1000 Worte is the 3rd  music video of Vona's soon to be released album. With: Thao und Uli Director: Delia Baum DoP: Marcus Gelhard Editor: Konrad Weinz 


The Speaker A behind the scenes look of the life and carrier of Germany's Nr.1 Sales Trainer Dirk Kreuter. Now available to watch on iTunes. Production: Lifton Media Director/DP: Victor Oonk Producer: Shahrzad Mazloumsaki


Foul Lines With Sarah Silverman Every week, Sarah Silverman plays in an LA pick-up. GQ tagged along for a lesson in true sportsmanship. Client: GQ Director: Noel Howard Editor Josh Cramer Assist. Editor: Nina Thomas


California Almonds Victoria Arlen's incredible journey and transformation was a triumph of will that didn’t take place overnight. She faced daily challenges to develop into the strong, capable person she is today. Learn how she owns her everyday, every day with almonds as her sidekick. Client: Almond Board of California Agency: Porter [...]


The Six Day Race ESPN 30 for 30 and Hennessy present the story of Marshall "Major" Taylor, who broke down barriers to become the first African-American world champion of any sport. Client: Hennessy Network: ESPN Director: Colin Barnicle Producer: Nick Barnicle & Jeff Siegel Editor: Josh Cramer


Amigos Del Tren Marcelo dedicates his life to helping migrants from Central America who are traveling North riding on freight trains. One day he meets Miguel, a 10-year old boy who is traveling alone in search of his mother. The train is too fast and dangerous for Miguel to jump on, so [...]


Lunar New Year DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, will celebrate Lunar New Year 2018 ‘The Year of the Dog’ with a series of fabulous promotions, exclusive offers and fun interactive activities at selected T Galleria and DFS stores worldwide throughout February 2018. Client: DFS Production: Nørth Sea Air Editor: Josh Cramer [...]


SPIRIT OF DISCOVERY Walter Munk unlocked the secret to predicting waves, conquered the dark side of the moon, broke the code that revealed ocean warming and set off the sound that was literally “heard round the world.” Yet, he still hasn’t seen a Mobula munkiana, the endangered Ray that marine biologist Giuseppe [...]