GQ - Fear and Shame Robert Pattinson clearly has a taste for the absurd. In a delightfully weird new short for GQ, written by Robert Pattinson and directed by Vikram Gandhi ("Berry", 2016), the movie star depicts his life as an anxiety-ridden nightmare, where he’s afraid to leave his New York City hotel [...]


Beauty All Night DFS and Estée Lauder are transforming fans into influencers with the launch of the exclusive #BeautyAllNight campaign this May. Inspired by the popularity of online beauty tutorials, DFS partnered with Estée Lauder to create the perfect #BeautyAllNight look whether you stay in or go out.


DFS - Travel Together Travel together with global adventurers as they explore the most exciting places in the world. See Angkor, Hong Kong, Singapore, Hawaii, Okinawa, Sydney and Macau like you've never seen it before. Your next getaway starts now!


Home Free Jack is now in his fifties and has been living outside for most of his life. He chose the streets many years ago and decided to step out of society by living on his own and travelling around the US with his backpack. Four years ago, he came back to [...]


Tomb of the Eagles Condé Nast Traveler features a sensorial trip through Scotland exploring the Orkney Islands with Perfumer David Moltz of D.S. & Durga. For deeper insight into the inspiration behind David’s new fragrance check out the companion article:  www.cntraveler.com Production: Nørth Sea Air Post-Production: House of Trim Editor: Nina Thomas


GQ Ryan Gosling goes swimming in his Ralph Lauren suit. Behind the scenes of GQ photo shoot at the Gellért Thermal Bath in Budapest. Check out the accompanied article here


The Player's Tribune First Step The Player's Tribune - First Step is an eight-part video series featuring athletes engaging communities most affected by today's social issues, from education and unemployment, to child hunger and homelessness among LGBTQ youth. In each episode, an athlete takes the first step to improve lives and impact their communities. Episodes: Justise Winslow Curtis [...]


GQ - Who Tweeted it 2016’s Funniest Tweets Read by the Year’s Best Actors. Sarah Paulson, Donald Glover, Joel Edgerton, and the kids from ‘Stranger Things’ try to guess who’s behind some of the year’s most memorable tweets.


LAPHROAIG A journey to the remote Scottish island of Islay where the Laphroaig distillery has been making whisky the same way for 200 years. Discover the craft that goes into one of Scotland's most unique single malts since 1815. Read more here: T-Magazine.com Client: Laphroaig Whisky Production: Nørth Sea Air Editor: Josh Cramer [...]

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