14 10, 2019

INTERSTATE 8 celebrates its World Premiere in Warsaw


INTERSTATE 8 celebrates its World Premiere at the 35 WARSAW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL as part of the Official Selection/International Competition, making it into one of only 15 A-Festivals worldwide! CONGRATULATIONS to the whole cast and team! Upcoming screenings: 35 WARSAW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL | POLAND 45 FILMETS BADALONA | SPAIN INTERFILM BERLIN | GERMANY

28 02, 2020

The Colorist Community Berlin at Berlinale 2020


The Colorist Community Berlin used the opportunity of Berlinale to gather like-minded image lovers and creators. As the topic of this year's Berlinale Talents was ‘Collectives’, we exchanged ideas and experiences on forming and sustaining a collective of creative imaging professionals. Another currently thriving topic was the emergence of High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays is expanding and complicating the cinematographer’s creative toolset. A very brief overview and demonstration was given on actual HDR projects and we explored why a close collaboration between cinematographers and colorists has never been more necessary than today.

20 05, 2021

Collectif 50/50 x Europe Creative Media visit Berlin


Collectif 50/50 and European Commission Creative Media Program are filming portraits of professional filmmakers, which aim to promote European women working in jobs traditionally or misleadingly identified as "masculine" in the film industry and to raise awareness on the presence of women film professionals and inspire young girls to follow your path so that we can build a more diverse and equal film industry. End of May a film team came to visit me in Berlin, discussing color-sciente at my go-to post-house Lopez Media and enjoying bike rides in sunny Berlin. The portraits will be shown during the 2021 edition of the Cannes Film Festival,  as well as online, and in film schools throughout Europe.

23 05, 2021

2nd Place Audience Award @DOK.fest Munich


Auslegung der Wirklichkeit - Georg Stefan Troller won 2nd place kinokino audience award at DOK.fest Munich. Congratulations to director Ruth Rieser (RR*FilmPrductions), DoP Volker Gläser and the whole team.

5 05, 2021



This year 4 films are nominated to run in competition at DOK.fest Munich. DOK.deutsch EVA-MARIA, Austria 2021, dir. Lukas Ladner HEIMATKUNDE – THE LASTING FORMATION, Germany 2021, dir. Christian Bäucker DOK.panorama AUSLEGUNG DER WIRKLICHKEIT – GEORG STEFAN TROLLER , Austria 2021, dir. Ruth Rieser. DOK.international HINTER DEN SCHLAGZEILEN, Deuschland 2021, dir. Daniel Sager, here I had the pleasure of consulting editing.

15 09, 2020

Membership at DOK.AT

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Happy to announce my membership at dok.at the Austrian Documentary Film Alliance. dok.at is the only professional film association in Austria dedicated to supporting documentary film and acts as a film and media specific lobby for all documentary film makers. Founded in 2000, it currently consists of over 100 members, including directors, editors, directors of photography, producers and production companies. Besides actively participating in the national professional guilds, dok.at represents the interests of documentary film makers opposite public and privately owned television companies, fights for improvements within funding organizations and engages in all political, social and legal issues relevant to documentary film and those involved in its development. The increased international success of Austrian documentary films and its growing impact in Austria has resulted in the continuous expansion of the activities of dok.at.

14 06, 2021


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Congratulations to director Lukas Ladner and his team of Eva-Maria, an extraordinary documentary, which was awarded the Diagonale Award of the Youth Jury of the Province of Styria'21 "Sky, clouds, mountain. A quiet introduction to an expressive film. The journey begins with a wish, a wish for a child. From the beginning, the film provides personal insights into the life of a fascinating woman. Guided by an intimate camera and music deliberately inserted at crucial points, we accompany the protagonist: from the smiley on the fertility test to little Ben. We are always at eye level. The film creates representation where there is none and perspective not only for those who advocate for an inclusive society. It immersed us and made us root for it, touched us and made us laugh. The story has filled a gap that shouldn't be one." - Jury Statement

16 01, 2022


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Congratulations to Sara Summa and her team for screening Wenn in einer Winternacht zwei Reisende in competition at the 43. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, January 16. to 26, 2022. As Francesco and his six-year-old daughter Elisa drive through the Berlin night, they make a special encounter. Together with the severe policeman who stops their old and broken car, they embark on a magical journey through the darkness in search of intangible ghosts. Unexpected sympathies develop from this experience, even though the spirits around them never quite disappear.

19 10, 2021

First Female Colorist at the Austrian Association of Cinematographers


Thanks for the warm welcome at the Austrian Association of Cinematographers at the 45-year anniversary. Der AAC (Austrian Association of Cinematographers) ist der österreichische Verband der Kameraleute, SchwenkerInnen, 1. + 2. KameraassistentInnen, DITs, ColoristInnen und StandfotografInnen. Er wurde 1976 als Interessengemeinschaft bildgestaltender Kameraleute und ihrer Mitarbeiter gegründet. Seit 1994 ist der AAC Mitglied von IMAGO – European Federation of Cinematographers, der Vereinigung Europäischer Kameraleute.

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