28 02, 2020

The Colorist Community Berlin at Berlinale 2020


The Colorist Community Berlin used the opportunity of Berlinale to gather like-minded image lovers and creators. As the topic of this year's Berlinale Talents was ‘Collectives’, we exchanged ideas and experiences on forming and sustaining a collective of creative imaging professionals. Another currently thriving topic was the emergence of High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays is expanding and complicating the cinematographer’s creative toolset. A very brief overview and demonstration was given on actual HDR projects and we explored why a close collaboration between cinematographers and colorists has never been more necessary than today.

20 05, 2021

Collectif 50/50 x Europe Creative Media visit Berlin

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Collectif 50/50 and European Commission Creative Media Program are filming portraits of professional filmmakers, which aim to promote European women working in jobs traditionally or misleadingly identified as "masculine" in the film industry and to raise awareness on the presence of women film professionals and inspire young girls to follow your path so that we can build a more diverse and equal film industry. End of May a film team came to visit me in Berlin, discussing color-sciente at my go-to post-house Lopez Media and enjoying bike rides in sunny Berlin. The portraits will be shown during the 2021 edition of the Cannes Film Festival,  as well as online, and in film schools throughout Europe.

15 09, 2020

Membership at DOK.AT

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Happy to announce my membership at dok.at the Austrian Documentary Film Alliance. dok.at is the only professional film association in Austria dedicated to supporting documentary film and acts as a film and media specific lobby for all documentary film makers. Founded in 2000, it currently consists of over 100 members, including directors, editors, directors of photography, producers and production companies. Besides actively participating in the national professional guilds, dok.at represents the interests of documentary film makers opposite public and privately owned television companies, fights for improvements within funding organizations and engages in all political, social and legal issues relevant to documentary film and those involved in its development. The increased international success of Austrian documentary films and its growing impact in Austria has resulted in the continuous expansion of the activities of dok.at.

10 12, 2018

UP.GRADE – Colouring Tomorrow

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UP.GRADE, the first long-term training programme for Color Grading, combines two central thematic poles throughout the programme, equipping young talents with both the practical skills and the creative mind-set needed to make powerful, innovative cinema. The past few months we dove deeply into theoretical topics as scientific modelling of colour perception and reproduction, gamma encoding, colour spaces, LUT's, CDL, ACES, HDR, grading strategies and client management as well as receiving an intensive practical skill training on various grading systems (Davinci Resolve, FilmLight's Baselight and Digital Vision's Nucoda), collaborative look design, advanced techniques in colour grading (e.g. skin fixing, sky replacement, day for night, de- and re-graining, etc.) colour management and display calibration, filmscanning, archiving and restoration. All topics are presented by well established colourists, cinematographers, researchers and consultants such as Adam Inglis, Charles Poynton, Daniel Stübner, Daniele Siragusano, Harald Brendel, Kevin Shaw and Peter Doyle. “As the post-production business rapidly changes, I feel that future great colourists will be distinguished by a solid understanding of the medium both technically and creatively. The diverse background of students and teachers at UP.GRADE creates a stimulating and inspiring environment in which the sharing of ideas and experience pushes our craft forward and enables colourists to sharpen their edge.”Adam Inglis, Colourist, e.g. [...]

20 07, 2019

Andrew Berneds Film Fellowship


It is with bittersweet emotion that I share the launch of the Andrew Berends Film Fellowship in memory of filmmaker Andrew Berends, who passed away in March of this year. The mission of this fellowship is to seek out and support emerging filmmakers from all walks of life that embody Andy’s spirit and determination, with a focus on sharing unheard stories. It was born out of the desire of Andy’s family, friends, and colleagues to keep his memory alive and active in the world of documentary where he himself thrived. If you want to support the fellowship please donate here:https://account.ifp.org/donation/index.cfm/5/Andrew-Berends-Film-Fellowship/ If you are a passionate documentary filmmaker such as Andy, you can apply here:https://andrewberends.net/fellowship/ The first feature documentary I color graded was Andy's documentary Madina's Dream. Since I met Andy, he inspires me every day in my work grading documentaries. I hope this Fellowship will inspire many young and talented documentary filmmakers. You will be missed, Andy.   

19 08, 2019

The Speaker reaches Top 2 on iTunes Charts

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The Speaker, a behind the scenes documentary of Dirk Kreuter's life and career, reaches Top 2 on the iTunes Documentary Charts. Right behind the Oscar-winning documentary FreeSolo, edited by my documentary editing mentor from New York Film Academy, Bob Eisenhardt. Congratulations to director Victor Oonk and his team of Lifton Media.

16 02, 2017

THE FREEDOM TO MARRY – Theatrical Release


The Freedom to Marry is opening in NYC on March 3, with six shows each day until March 9. Join us at Village East Cinema: Get your tickets here. Many screenings will be followed by Q&As with the filmmaker and special guests! For fans and friends on the west coast, it is also playing in L.A. from March 10 through March 16 at the Laemmle Monica Film Center.

10 08, 2016



A Big Black Space will have it's television premiere on the prestigious Arte Cinema channel in Germany and France! It airs including with an interview with writer/producer/lead actress Tanis Parenteau at the Indiana Inuit: Das Nordamerica Filmfestival earlier this year. Check out the program at www.cinema.arte.tv "Encounters: Tanis Parenteau In A Big Black Space Tanis Parenteau, writer and lead actress, processes her own experience."

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