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Project Description

Schrille Nacht

Christmas – For some the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, for others the culture clash with the mother-in-law or the unannounced reunion with the estranged father. In seven episodes, “Schrille Nacht” shows, sometimes surprisingly, sometimes with a wink, but in any case entertaining, how differently you can spend December 24th.

Directors: Arash T. Riahi, Mirjam Unger, Arman Riahi
Cinematography: Mario Minichmayr, Sebastian Thaler
Production: Golden Girls Filmproduktion
Cast u.a.: Faris Rahoma, Julia Edtmeier, Roland Düringer, Inge Maux, Simon Schwarz, Lukas Resetarits, Ferdinand Seebacher, Sonja Chan, Kathrin Resetarits…

Episode 1: Der gekreuzigte Weihnachtsbaum
Episode 2: Rosi, Pepi, Josef
Episode 3: Lucky
Episode 4: Die Passion des Vlad
Episode 5: Der gute Eindruck
Episode 6: Wenn der Weihnachtsmann zweimal klingelt
Episode 7: Im Zug

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