Als der Jaguar nach Herford kam This documentary portrays nine men and women who were guests at the Jaguar Club, which was launched by Carola Frauli in 1966 in an abandoned cinema in Herford. The film follows its protagonist's past and and present. supported by lot of beat and rock music from the [...]


EVA - MARIA Family planning that goes against the norm. Eva-Maria is in her early 30s and has been a wheelchair user since she was a young child. Like other women her age, she wants to have a child – but to reach this point many hurdles must be overcome. Director: Lukas [...]


Generation Greta Resistance has never been so young. Students who have little power in a democracy due to a lack of voting rights are mobilizing. Generation Greta wants to change the world. Four young journalists from Germany, France, Austria and Bulgaria go on a journey and try to find out where the [...]


A World without Beethoven? From rock to jazz, the composer left his mark on today's music, often in surprising places. A world without Beethoven? For Sarah Willis, French horn player with the Berlin Philharmonic, it's simply unimaginable. She asked international musicians, managers, composers and experts what today's musical world would be lacking [...]


Auslegung der Wirklichkeit - Georg Stefan Troller Georg Stefan Troller hat unzählige Menschen interviewt und eine ganze Generation von Filmemachern inspiriert. In seinen intensiven Porträts versuchte er stets, über eine tiefe innere Verbindung zu den Befragten an den Kern der Sache heranzukommen. Nun wird er seinerseits von der Schauspielerin und Regisseurin Ruth Rieser [...]


Chief Chief is the story of the FDNY's oldest and highest-ranking member killed on 9/11, William M. Feehan. The father of the fire department was a living legend, having held every rank within the department from his appointment 1959 to 2001. Directors: Robert Maass & Harvey Wang Editor: Freddy Noriega Production: Can Man Productions [...]


Colonia Dignidad: A Sinister Sect This 6-part Netflix documentary series tells the rise of Paul Schäfer; from a poor German lay preacher to one of the most powerful men in Latin America. Told through the eyes of those who lived in the sect, who endured it, who fought it. All brought to [...]


Der Apennin - Italiens Naturparadies Von den Abruzzen nach Kalabrien Regie: Kristian Kähler Der Apennin ist das Rückgrat und die Seele Italiens gleichermaßen. Zahlreiche Nationalparks mit seltenen Arten wie dem marsischen Braunbären gibt es hier. 
Von Ligurien nach Umbrien Regie: Silvia Palmigiano Eine Reise durch den nördlichen Apennin, führt durch schroffe Felsformationen und [...]


Yuujou The Friendship Experiment Six travellers wanted to create a circle of friendship across the globe. The travelers, who were strangers before, were divided into two teams. Both teams started in Berlin, Germany and were sent in opposite directions. They got 100 days to make it to the other side of the [...]


Tschernobyl: Spurensuche nach der Wahrheit 4-teilige Dokuserie Wie kam es zur Explosion des Atomkraftwerkes im April 1986? Was verschweigt Moskau? Aufstieg und Niedergang von Tschernobyl, wo Glaube an die Atomkraft zur folgenschweren Katastrophe wurde. Regie: Dirk Schneider, Ariane Riecker Kamera: Johannes Imdahl, Marc Voigt Montage: Claudia Nagel Produktion: LOOKS Film & MMD [...]

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