BALANTA On Colombia's Pacific coast, Afro-Colombian people, descendants of slaves, express their African roots through music that brings joy, unity, and resilience. The Balanta siblings, Martha, Diego, and Emeterio, embody this musical spirit. For them, music is life - even if they cannot live from their music. Director: Gregor Kuhlmann & Fernanda [...]


Mis amigos son los pájaros... Vitória Monteiro evokes a feminist cooperative comprised of those who have been overlooked, which realizes a harmonious interaction of technology, nature, and people. She links her experiences on the internet with those passed down from her grandmother, and discovers a world in which patriarchal capitalism does not rule, [...]


Marko Feingold A JEWISH LIFE records the fateful events and twists in the life of Marko Feingold, depicting his survival in what must have been the darkest epoch of history. Marko Feingold’s experiences during the Nazi dictatorship determined his whole existence, from his perception of his own life story to his understanding [...]


Das Humboldt Forum A very German story has ended with the completion of the Humboldt Forum in a replica of Berlin’s former Royal Palace. The site - where the Kaiser once resided and the Palace of the Republic of Communist East Germany once stood - sparked controversy from the start. Director: Friederike Schlumbom [...]


...and here we are! A film school in Moria Das ReFOCUS Media Lab ist eine Filmschule im bekanntesten Flüchtlingslager Europas: Moria auf Lesbos. Hier lernen junge Geflüchtete seit 2018 ihre Sicht auf die Welt in Bildern auszudrücken. Mittlerweile arbeiten die jungen, hochmotivierten Filmstudenten mit internationalen TV-Sendern wie Al Jazeera, CNN und der [...]


TIMEKEEPER An essay film looking for the relationship between nature and mathematics, the hunger for images and the search for sleep, dedicated to the Russian futurist poet and mathematician Velimir Khlebnokov. Director: Kristina Paustian Cinematography: Kristina Paustian & Sarah Yona Zweig & Yuri Tokarev Music: Oren Ambarchi Production: Voices Films, Kinokult, Mimesis, Revolver [...]


Heimatkunde After nearly 25 years, the filmmaker Christian Bäucker returns to his old school and invites teachers, pupils and the headteacher to appear in front of the camera. By gently picking through their memories, the question arises of the systematic manipulation of children in the DDR’s school system. Director: Christian Bäucker DoP: [...]


The Speaker A behind the scenes look of the life and carrier of Germany's Nr.1 Sales Trainer Dirk Kreuter. Now available to watch on iTunes. Production: Lifton Media Director/DP: Victor Oonk Producer: Shahrzad Mazloumsaki


The Six Day Race ESPN 30 for 30 and Hennessy present the story of Marshall "Major" Taylor, who broke down barriers to become the first African-American world champion of any sport. Client: Hennessy Network: ESPN Director: Colin Barnicle Producer: Nick Barnicle & Jeff Siegel Editor: Josh Cramer


Amigos Del Tren Marcelo dedicates his life to helping migrants from Central America who are traveling North riding on freight trains. One day he meets Miguel, a 10-year old boy who is traveling alone in search of his mother. The train is too fast and dangerous for Miguel to jump on, so [...]

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