Interstate 8 In the southern United States, two young women meet by chance in the back of a police car and, without saying a word, experience the injustice hovering above them. ​ Director: Anne Thieme Cinematographer: Martin Gasch Producer: Lina Mareike Zopfs Production: Filmuniverstiät Babelsberg Konrad Wolf In Coopertation with: University of North Carolina School of [...]


Generation Greta Resistance has never been so young. Students who have little power in a democracy due to a lack of voting rights are mobilizing. Generation Greta wants to change the world. Four young journalists from Germany, France, Austria and Bulgaria go on a journey and try to find out where the [...]


A World without Beethoven? From rock to jazz, the composer left his mark on today's music, often in surprising places. A world without Beethoven? For Sarah Willis, French horn player with the Berlin Philharmonic, it's simply unimaginable. She asked international musicians, managers, composers and experts what today's musical world would be lacking [...]


Wenn in einer Winternacht zwei Reisende As Francesco and his six-year-old daughter Elisa drive through the Berlin night, they make a special encounter. Together with the severe policeman they embark on a magical journey through the darkness in search of intangible ghosts. Director, Editor: Sara Summa Cinematographer: Moritz Friese Producers: Cecilia Trautvetter, [...]


Colonia Dignidad: A Sinister Sect This 6-part Netflix documentary series tells the rise of Paul Schäfer; from a poor German lay preacher to one of the most powerful men in Latin America. Told through the eyes of those who lived in the sect, who endured it, who fought it. All brought to [...]


Der Apennin - Italiens Naturparadies Von den Abruzzen nach Kalabrien Regie: Kristian Kähler Der Apennin ist das Rückgrat und die Seele Italiens gleichermaßen. Zahlreiche Nationalparks mit seltenen Arten wie dem marsischen Braunbären gibt es hier. 
Von Ligurien nach Umbrien Regie: Silvia Palmigiano Eine Reise durch den nördlichen Apennin, führt durch schroffe Felsformationen und [...]


Hoffmanns Erzählungen Von Jacques Offenbach. Aus der Staatsoper Hamburg Die verwobenen Erzählungen des Dichters E.T.A. Hoffmann spielen in einem schwindelerregenden Panoptikum zwischen Traum und Realität. Daniele Finzi Pasca zaubert mit seiner Inszenierung ein magisches Stück Opernkunst. Chor der Hamburgischen Staatsoper Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg, Kent Nagano Inszenierung: Daniele Finzi Pasca Regie: Karsten Henning Produktion: [...]


Excalibur City Wie viele andere vietnamesische Flüchtlinge versuchen Vio und Bluebell, mit ihrem Vater illegal über Tschechien nach Deutschland zu ihrer Mutter zu gelangen. Als sie in Tschechien von der vietnamesischen Crystal Meth Mafia aufgehalten werden, verlieren sie auf der Flucht vor ebendieser ihren Vater an die „Wolfsmänner“. Also müssen sie sich, [...]


MODDERGAT Dawn breaks in the year 2039 in Moddergat, a small coastal village in the Netherlands. The delegation of the international climate tribunal has little time to prepare the human sacrifice that is supposed to avert the dangers of climate change. However, as the tide rises and the world watches, the victim [...]


Sprich mit mir After a breakup, Karo goes with her mother Michaela for a week to Rügen. What begins as a spontaneous trip quickly turns out to be a journey into the past for the two different women. In the hotel they meet the recently divorced Jochen and his pubescent daughter Marie. [...]

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