Interstate 8 In the southern United States, two young women meet by chance in the back of a police car and, without saying a word, experience the injustice hovering above them. ​ Director: Anne Thieme Cinematographer: Martin Gasch Producer: Lina Mareike Zopfs Production: Filmuniverstiät Babelsberg Konrad Wolf In Coopertation with: University of North Carolina School of [...]


Generation Greta Resistance has never been so young. Students who have little power in a democracy due to a lack of voting rights are mobilizing. Generation Greta wants to change the world. Four young journalists from Germany, France, Austria and Bulgaria go on a journey and try to find out where the [...]


A World without Beethoven? From rock to jazz, the composer left his mark on today's music, often in surprising places. A world without Beethoven? For Sarah Willis, French horn player with the Berlin Philharmonic, it's simply unimaginable. She asked international musicians, managers, composers and experts what today's musical world would be lacking [...]


Wenn in einer Winternacht zwei Reisende As Francesco and his six-year-old daughter Elisa drive through the Berlin night, they make a special encounter. Together with the severe policeman they embark on a magical journey through the darkness in search of intangible ghosts. Director, Editor: Sara Summa Cinematographer: Moritz Friese Producers: Cecilia Trautvetter, [...]


Swan Lakes Eric Gauthier asked star choreographers to create their very own version of Tchaikovsky‘s popular ballet SWAN LAKE for the dance company of the Theaterhaus Stuttgart. The result are three 20 minutes long performances as diverse as their choreographers. Director: Andreas Morell Production: EuroArts Music in coproduction with ZDF/3sat


THE FREEDOM TO MARRY Over the last four decades, same-sex marriage has gone from a ‘preposterous notion’ to one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in the world. The Freedom To Marry is a “War Room” style feature documentary about the same-sex marriage movement, from the final frenetic months of the legal and grassroots campaign. Production: Eyepop Productions [...]


BAJA'S SECRET MIRACLE Mario Castro, a fisherman that decided to change the destiny of his community, narrates this wonderful story that takes us on a journey of decades, to understand how the town of Cabo Pulmo created the world's most robust marine reserve. The award wining shot, directed by Eliana Álvarez Martínez, donates $20,000 to Climate Reality Project, the [...]


MADINA'S DREAM An unflinching and poetic glimpse into a forgotten war, Madina’s Dream tells the story of rebels and refugees fighting to survive in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains. Production: Storyteller Productions Director: Andrew Berends Watch on Amazon


A BIG BLACK SPACE A short film based on a true story: One night reveals a culture of violence when a Native American woman narrowly escapes sexual assault. A Big Black Space aims to show how the hypersexualization of Native women, or the "Pocahontas fantasy" can be truly problematic for actual Native women. www.gutsmagazine.ca [...]


VICE News Business of Life The Business of Life is a fresh perspective on the most important issues of our time, as told through the facts, figures, dollars, and cents that shape our world. Hosted by journalist Michael C. Moynihan, each episode brings together an eclectic panel of writers, thinkers, policy experts, and scholars [...]

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