R.A. the Rugged Man - Wondering (How To Believe) ft. David Myles The latest single from R.A. the Rugged Man's upcoming album All My Heroes Are Dead, the song is a heartfelt display of vivid, powerful storytelling, addressing abuse, addiction, and loss. All My Heroes Are Dead will be available worldwide on April 17th 2020. Director: [...]


Jade MacRae - Midnight Air Midnight Air s a rich, warm, gospel tale, as always, MacRae’s vocals soar and shine brightly. She is able to shift between different styles, R&B, blues, soul and gospel, with each seemingly at the time her speciality. This is Jade's final single from her forthcoming album, Handle Me With [...]


Von Wegen Lisbeth - Opti In ihrem neuen Song „Opti“ werfen Von Wegen Lisbeth einen kritischen Blick auf den gesellschaftlichen Umgang mit psychischer Gesundheit und vergleichen die eigene Gefühlswelt mit einem Produkt, das auf Knopfdruck optimiert werden kann. Director: HAVARIE - David Starck & Nils Lucas Cinematography: Lea Pech Editor: Irene Kottnik [...]


Black Pope - Goth Girl Currently establishing his cult in Berlin, Black Pope is drawing legions of fans to his high energy performances, hip-shaking charisma and his insatiable appetite for all things dark and mysterious. For many, this is the end of civilization as we know it. For Black Pope, it’s just [...]


Vona - 1000 Worte 1000 Worte is the 3rd  music video of Vona's soon to be released album. With: Thao und Uli Director: Delia Baum DoP: Marcus Gelhard Editor: Konrad Weinz 


My Lover I don't need you Annie's Pichan debut Single from her EP Paint My Lover, released in Summer 2019. Prod.Co: Opposite Sea Productions Director: Nina Thomas Producer: Joanna Aliano DP: Jonah Koplin

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